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All new memberships are 1/2 off if you haven't been a member for the last 3 years & next years dues will be 25% off.

Dues: (tax included)

Family -- $540.00

Family-Social Spouse -- $470.00  

Single --  $400.00    

Social --  $125.00    

The term “Family” shall mean a member (man or woman, whether single or married), the member’s spouse, and single dependents living in the same household under the age of 21, single college student, or a single member of the Armed Forces under the age of 25. When dues are paid, remember to pay cart shed rental if you rent one.

Cart Sheds: (tax included)

Cart Sheds:

Clubs -- $39.00       

Gas Cart -- $144.00    

Electric Cart -- $171.00

You must be 14 to drive a personal cart alone and 16 to rent a cart.

NEW MEMBERSHIPS:  If you haven't been a member in the last 3 years, memberships are 50% off this year & 25% off next year.

First year members must pay $100 for a share of stock.

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